"Where trumpets rang and men marched by, none passes but the dragonfly" - Mary Webb

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Home - An introduction to Don's Jotter.
Shropshire - Wellington and its history.
The Wrekin - All around the Wrekin.
The Giant and the Cobbler - Shropshire folk-lore tells how the Wrekin was built by a giant.
Stiperstones - The Stiperstones abounds in legends and myths.
Ironbridge - Ironbridge gorge, museums and pubs.
Hawkstone - Hawkstone Park follies.
Fox's Knob - The tale of the fox and the hounds.
Mitchell's Fold - A mysterious circle of 15 stones on a ridge in the Shropshire Hills.
Myths & Legends - Haunted Shropshire.
T.U.F.C - Telford United F.C.

Poetry Section

1 : The Old Carpet | Silent Moon : 2 Poet's Praise | T.V Western : 3 Love And Death | Mystery In Movie : 4 : Car Dealing | Untitled

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