"Where trumpets rang and men marched by, none passes but the dragonfly" - Mary Webb


The Old Carpet

I'm stepped upon by every foot,
my pattern's not quite plain.
But what do you expect with chimney soot,
and an odd tea and coffee stain?

There's a patch that's wearing by the door,
my edge is slowly getting frayed,
I get no warmth from the tiled floor,
sometimes I wish that in the shop I'd stayed.

But once when I was very new,
no one was allowed into my room,
they used to groom me too,
but I'll be useless very soon.
D.G. Phillips

Silent Moon

Oh silent moon,
moon of eternal light,
mingled with the ray of darkness,
the lonely lighter of the night.

What words have you heard uttered?
What words of love?
How many windows have you seen shuttered?
As you float there up above.

© D.G. Phillips